Admission and fees Management System


EduVue online admission and fee management system help institute managements to manage their admission easily by conducting the whole admission process online. It eliminates the entire process of travelling, queueing, waiting out of the picture.

With cloud-based technology, students can apply for admission at any time and from anywhere in the world.

EduVue also offers a safe and secure fee management portal, where institute management can receive and manage student fees online.


benefit line


Remote Admission

Candidates can apply for admission online, and the whole process of admission and onboarding happens online. It eliminates the hassle of travelling to the institute, standing in a queue and saves a lot of time.


Biometric Verificationt

With online admission, verification of students is challenging. But with an integrated biometric verification system students’ identity and data are easily verified.


Minimize the Error

With online admission, errors in the data are easily minimized. Usually, students fill up all the details themselves, so there is a minimum chance of errors in the data.


Easy Refund

For any reason, if an admission gets cancelled, EduVue automated refund system automatically transfers the fund to the candidate’s account. It ensures trust with the students and their parents.


Secure Payment Portal

EduVue offers a secure online payment gateway where students can directly make payments quickly and securely.


Payment Reminder

The system automatically sends payment reminders to the candidates and their parents through SMS and emails.


Get Profit and Loss Analytics

EduVue payment system offers detailed payment analytics and Profit and Loss statements to the management of the institute. This helps the institute improve their efficiency and manage their accounts better.


Send Payment Receipt Automatically

The admission and fee management system automatically generates payment receipts and sends the receipts to the respective parents via email and SMS for confirmation.


Manage Sensitive Data Securely

With SSL security, the admission management portal helps to maintain the sensitive information of the students securely. Not only the data of new students, but it efficiently manages the data of existing students as well.


Track Expenses

Institutes don’t just have cash flow coming in. Institutes have a lot of expenses too. And at times, managing expenses can be a daunting task. But EduVue's expense tracking system makes the process of tracking and monitoring expenses easier for institutes.