Exam Management


EduVue provides a powerful online exam management system to the educational institutes to conduct online exams efficiently. With the help of a question paper management tool, test engine, and remote proctoring system, EduVue exam management system ensures a smooth exam delivery.




Easy Uploading and Login

Exam coordinators can easily upload the question papers to the test engine. Students just need to log in from their devices, and they will get access to the question paper via online portal.


Easy Accessibility

Students can access the tests from anywhere in the world and takes exams from the comfort of their home. It saves travel costs and burdens for the students and spares the institute from logistics and other administrative tasks.


Easy Question Setup

With online question bank management, selecting and setting question papers is easy. The teachers just need to click a picture of the question and it will automatically get stored on the Question bank


Remote Proctoring

The remote proctoring feature makes sure that no students conduct any malpractice in the examination and keeps the integrity of the examinations.


Multi-Language Support

With multiple language support, institutes can take exams on English as well as different regional languages.


Instant Evaluation

With the AI-based evaluation feature, EduVue exam management system can instantly evaluate student performance and provide a detailed performance analysis report.


Flexibility and Security

With a powerful test engine, institutes can conduct exams on any device such as mobile, PC, and tablet with triple-layer security and SSL encryption.