EduVue learning management system provides an all-in-one platform to provide a cloud-based solution to automate and manage students and teachers, conduct live classes, manage study materials, and many more and help institutions move their education online.

The LMS solution has everything that your institution, teachers, and students needs. All users can navigate the portals and easily use all the features.



file format

Supports Different Content Formats

Teachers can create courses and study materials in any content formats and share them with the students. This way, management eliminates dependency on paper-based learning and integrates complete digital knowledge.


Multi-Device, Multi-language Support

With multi-device support, students and teachers can access the courses from any device such as computer, mobile, and tablets. With multi-language support, teachers can create courses in any language, thus increasing the student's engagement.


Personalized Learning

Getting a student's attention is not easy. That is why the EduVue LMS system offers personalized learning solutions with different assignments, quizzes, tasks, etc. With personalized learning, EduVue ensures that education reaches all the students equally.


Data Security

The LMS system is fully secured from external threats with SSL based encryption. The system is also connected to the EduVue cloud server. All the data uploaded by the management/teachers/students are stored in the cloud server.

document management

Document Management

A cloud-based document management system helps the institute manage all the documents related to courses, study materials, curriculum, and others with the EduVue LMS system's help.

progress report

Student Progress Report

The EduVue LMS system, tracks each and every activity of the students, such as attendance, attention, involvement in quizzes, scores in exams and creates a detailed progress report to evaluate their performance.


Live Class Management

Teachers can conduct live video classes directly from the portal and a mobile app with the help of the EduVue learning management system. EduVue LMS also offers a live chat feature, where students can directly chat with the teachers one-on-one in real-time and clarify their queries.

student teacher

Parent Teacher Interaction

With the help of a dedicated mobile app, the parents can directly interact with the management of the institute or the teachers, and understand their children’s performance directly from them. Also they can directly give feedback to the institutes from the app.


Attractive Interface

With the massive usage of the internet, the attention span of students is decreasing day by day. Institutions can not use the same old boring user interface and expect students to be engaged in the curriculum. EduVue makes sure that students experience fun and engaging user experience throughout the whole session.