WebSite Management Solutions


Eduvue understands your institute needs a beautiful website to build an online presence. It’s one of the key features for your institutes’ marketing and branding efforts. And EduVue offers full support for your digital marketing efforts.

Whether you are a school, college, or university, we can help you create and manage your website integrated with enquiry and sales management for easy lead generation.




24*7 Accessibility

With the website, your institute will be accessible all time for your customers, which means you can generate leads 24*7.


Reach a Wider Audience

With the power of SEO and website, your institute will have the opportunity to reach a wider audience, which means more leads.


Integrated Enquiry and Sales Management

Enquiry and sales management solutions can be integrated into the website and you can manage your leads directly from the website.


Maintain Communication with Customers

With the help of a website, institutes can communicate with a large customer base through videos, important notice, etc


Share Information

Institutes have a large number of students. And communication with them effectively is a daunting task. But a website makes it easy for the institutes to share information with the students.


Get Audience Insight

Institutes can get detailed audience insight from the website. It will help them optimize their marketing efforts and create more personalized and successful marketing campaigns.etc