Customized ERP


Educational institutes handle a large amount of sensitive user data in terms of student information, staff information, academic information, etc. And sharing those data among departments can be a daunting task. That’s why the departments need to be interconnected to exchange information from one another and stay updated flawlessly. The management should have access to all the data from a centralized control center.

That is why the EduVue institute management system provides a customized ERP solution for the educational institutes to integrate and automate all of the processes in one place. EduVue ERP solution is helping educational institutions to improve their efficiency and creating a transparent management system.




Staff Management

In any institute, various users perform various roles. EduVue ERP solution helps institutes manage all the staff and their functions. It can also record staff attendance, monitor their work, and store their details like qualification details, subject expertise, skill sets, etc. This information will help management allocate works to the staff quickly and efficiently.


Account Management

EduVue ERP solution offers a hassle-free account management system to the institutes. The primary income sources of the educational institutions are their course fees. EduVue ERP solution helps institutes manage all payments such as completed payment, pending charges, canceled fees, and many more, and gives a detailed report to the institute.


Library Management

The library is an essential part of any institution. Libraries store a variety of resources such as books, research papers, magazines both online and offline. Managing all these resources manually can be hectic. That’s why EduVue offers a completely online library management solution, where administrators can easily track and manage all the resources from a single place.


Training And Placement Management

EduVue training and placement management system communicate with different companies and helps institutes arrange online and offline placement for the students. It also provides skill-based training for students and generates a placement report after the session.


Store Management

EduVue ERP offers a comprehensive inventory management solution, which lets you keep track of all the inventories and make sure the institute store is up-to-date at all times.


Hostel Management

EduVue ERP also offers a web-based hostel management solution where management can manage the day to day operation of the hostel, manage hostel enquiry, room allotment, disciplinary logs, check-ins, and check-outs, and many more form a single dashboard. It helps the institute to manage the hostel efficiently and help the management track all the operations from anywhere in the world.


Batch Management

In institutions, students enroll in different courses and different batches. And the timetable, student attendance, course curriculum, study materials all are different for different batches. EduVue ERP solution helps institutions manage different batches simultaneously and help them easily navigate through their course curriculum.


Transport Management

EduVue transport management system enables the institute to manage the transport fleet of the institutes. EduVue transport management system uses data to monitor vehicle routes, maps students to the vehicles, collect details of drivers and conductors, track the vehicle on the way for better security and management. It also provides a clear transport report to the institutions.