Digital Marketing


More than 85% of students use the internet as their primary source of information in this digital era. The younger generation not only used the internet for entertainment, but also for learning and skill development.

And in that scenario, educational institutes can not ignore the power of online marketing.

However, the modes of digital marketing are different for different channels. EduVue digital marketing solution helps the institutes get a hold on their digital footprint and market their institutions on various channels.




Email marketing

EduVue email marketing module, helps institutes create hyper-personalized email marketing campaigns and slowly convert leads into paid customers.


Social Media Marketing

EduVue social media marketing module helps you be active on social media channels and share information and activities about your institute. It helps to build a positive brand image of your institution and help you.


SMS & Whatsapp Marketing

SMS & Whatsapp have a 70% to 90% opening rate, which means it is the best platform to market your institution, and it’s courses. EduVue SMS & Whatsapp marketing module helps the institute create personalized SMS and WhatsApp message campaigns to build trust among the customers and convert them into customers.


Search Engine Optimization

Content is king in the digital world. Content can help you get qualified customers for your institutions. And EduVue offers assistance to the institution to create helpful content and rank them on the search results with the help of keyword analysis and strategic content creation.