Exam Infrastructure


The education industry is moving fast into digitization, and with that examination, methods are also changing. To keep up with the technological changes, institutes have to rethink their current process and upgrade their exam infrastructure.
And EduVue can help you harness the full potential of technology by providing the latest exam infrastructure to the institutions, resulting in innovation and growth for students and teachers alike.




High Network Speed

With the latest technology, EduVUe offers a higher network speed and reliable connectivity during the examination. It prevents the exams from stopping, and with real-time sync, the risk of data loss can be eliminated.


Secure Server

Created with the latest netboot technology, the EduVue test engine offers a safe and secure server environment where institutes can conduct examinations without any worry of malpractice.


Identity Verification

With the help of EduVue online identity verification system, the institute can verify the student identity online and make sure no malpractices are taking place.


Locked Exam Window

With a locked exam window, the EduVue technology prevents students from going out from the exam window during the examination. It contains the candidates from using the internet and cheating.