Market Research


As the global economy is changing, so is changing the needs of students. Students need to learn new skills to be valuable in the industry.

Market research can help institutes find out different information, such as which courses do students need? What skills are employers looking for? What are the shortcomings and opportunities in the industry? Etc.

All students can't go and attend classes at the campus. Market research help institutes find out the optimal time of classes or if distance learning or flexible courses are necessary for students or not.

Every semester, a lot of students apply for a course but are never enrolled. It may be due to some internal issues or because they got a better course curriculum in another institute. Those questions can only be answered through market research.




Program Feasibility

EduVue can help institutes find out the shortcomings, and opportunities,in the industry with different surveys, interviews with industry experts, and many other processes.


Student Enrollment Research

EduVue helps institutes create market research tools to track down why students drop off and help institutes improve their curriculum to get more student enrollment.


Campus Feasibility

EduVue helps institutes conduct campus research to find optimal solutions to provide better learning experiences to the students.


Job Market Survey

EduVue helps institutes survey their alumni to understand the problems in the job market and how to navigate in the competitive industry.


Student Satisfaction Research

To understand student's needs, EduVue helps institutes arrange surveys for the students, where students can rate their satisfaction level on different courses.


Housing Research

Institutes don’t have a clear idea of the potential needs, amenities requirements, of the students in hostels. EduVue helps institutes get a clear idea of students’ needs with market research.