Ten Characteristics Of A Highly Effective Online Learning Platform

online learning platform

When we talk about creating an effective learning platform, we always think about creating a structured learning environment within an open platform. As an institute management solution provider, we believe that we can have a complete school life experience when we create an open environment for both the teacher and the students.

Being a SaaS company creating the best institute management solution in India, we can say that creating an effective online learning platform is exciting but a daunting task. The exciting part is the freedom to create a product from scratch, shape it, and refine it from the users' feedback.

But the daunting part is creating a product with too many features that it becomes difficult to use in the real world.

But the good news is that we don't need fancy features in online learning platforms. And we can create a robust learning platform within a simple platform.

The Ideal Characteristics of Your Online Learning Platform Must Have:

There are ten characteristics that your online learning platform must not miss.

1. Simplicity

T he online learning platform is made to make your life easier, not the other way around. Therefore, your online learning platform must be very simple. You need to be very clear about what you want from the platform, what features you want to use, and how you want to use them.
For example, most learning platforms need a virtual class management system, interactive live chat platform, course content library, and class recording system.

2. User Friendly

And user-friendly user interface makes the online learning platform more engaging, intuitive, and efficient to use. You must have seen other learning management systems promising highly advanced fancy features, only to find out later that those systems are full of bugs that can only be solved by a coder or a technical manager who will take care of the system.
Your online learning platform must be user friendly and a complete standalone solution without any bugs.

3. Attractive Interface

If you want your students to engage in learning, you have to make the learning process attractive and fun for them. And you need an online environment where they can play and actively engage with the teachers and learn on the way.

What that means is that a simple text-based platform with some basic notes, presentations, spreadsheets will not engage the students. But if the same simple platform has a place to embed students' creation to the system, it will engage the students to create their digital notes, and work together in a collaborative learning space.

Therefore, an attractive interface that encourages students to actively participate in the creation process in a fun and engaging way without being ugly is ideal for an online learning platform.

4. Integration

All online learning platforms must have a feature that lets it connect to all the other features under the institute management system for a holistic learning experience. The learning platform must connect to the online classroom, library management system, interactive chat system, online course libraries, tools to personalize and create content.

EduVue institute management has implemented all the best practices to integrate all the necessary solutions for online learning platforms. They even gave special parental access so that parents can access the course content for their younger children.

5. Clear Course-Content

When you create an online course, your students must see the course description clearly before starting. You have to give a list of topics in the course description, either via text or video format, to engage your students.

6. Tracking and Reporting

The tracking and monitoring of the student's progress are essential to understand their problems and shortcomings. So online learning platforms must have the characteristics to record student progress and present it in an exhaustive report so that the teachers and parents have a clear understanding of their child's progress.

7. Easy to Flip

Teachers may not be available all the time. But in those times, you need to engage the students in learning activities. That means sometimes you need to run a full virtual classroom without a teacher around. You may want your students to watch some video lessens you created or take the short, interactive exam you have prepared for them. This is called flipping of the classroom. Flipping has made the classroom environment more engaging and practical.

Every online platform needs to implement this system to encourage anatomy, creativity, and interaction among students while allowing them to create their own learning environment.

8. Automated Evaluation

If we talk about saving time, an automatic evaluation will be an online learning platform's best characteristics.
Automatic evaluation allows teachers to evaluate tests and give feedback instantly. It also gives detailed analytics of the students' performance so that students and teachers can analyze their mistakes and learn from them.

9. Socially Driven

Online learning should be highly socialized to engage students actively. Because we are far away from our home and missing the human touch badly, social networking platforms can be a great way to communicate with the students and teach them by interacting with the online learning platform.

10. Gamification

Gamification or the learning appraisal is a great way to engage students and maintain students' motivation throughout the course. Gamification includes rewards or exp points after each module is cleared. It can also provide a progress bar where the students can measure their progress with respect to other students. In this way, they can get extra motivation for their studies.


Online learning platforms have become indispensable allies for educational institutes. And institutes are seeking effective online learning platforms for an efficient learning experience.

And with the help of EduVue institute management system institutes can digitize their education process, thus increasing their effectiveness and competitiveness.

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