The Changing Role Of Teachers In This Testing Times

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The role of a teacher is very important for a student's life. Students get their emotional needs from home. But when they start to grow, teachers are the persons who acknowledge and understand the students most. In other words, schools or colleges are the second home for students, and teachers are like "parents" to them.

From the past, students were always taught to see their teacher as a "Guru." Students spend a third of their time in schools. And for this, the impact of a Teacher is enormous in a student's life.

Role of Teacher Before COVID

Before the pandemic, almost every school and college were following traditional teaching methods. And it was the most preferred teaching type for different reasons.

  • When students used to go to schools, teachers could easily track students' performances to ensure their performance. It also gave the students a sense of achievement.
  • Computers and the internet are distracting if you don't know how to use it. So in traditional learning, teachers never preferred to use computers or the internet to stay focused.
  • In traditional learning, teachers used to teach students how to follow discipline. All institutions had their law and guidelines. And teachers made sure everyone follows the rules.
  • In traditional teaching, group learning was easy. Teachers could easily create a strong bond among students by using group activities and learning. It sharpened the students' social skills and also boosted their confidence.

Role of Teachers After COVID

  • Teachers Will Become Internet Savvy
    Many teachers nowadays are not used to handling computers, cameras, and other electronics. But to prepare themselves for the new normal, they need to be well aware of the new technologies and tools necessary to run an online classroom.
  • Teachers Will Have to Think Creatively
    Unlike the traditional classroom, getting the attention of the student is very hard in online teaching. Here teachers have to come up with creative ways of teaching and engage students throughout the session.
  • Light-hearted Student-teacher Relationship
    Punishments have always been a part of the traditional education system. When students showed any inappropriate behaviour, teachers used to punish the students.

    But in online teaching methods, such punishment can not be executed. Teachers have to be patient and have to solve problems with verbal communication with the students.
  • Teachers Have to Be Motivating
    Teachers have been one of the greatest motivators for the students. And amid this unforeseen situation, teachers have to be more positive to keep the spirit high for learning.

    With a positive attitude, teachers will be able to engage students more, attract more students to the institution. It will also instill the same mindset to the students and create a healthy learning environment for both students and teachers.


In these tough times, teachers will be a great support system for the students. The impact they provide to the student's lives is unmatched. You have to keep investing in technologies that will make you grow and become the ideal person that your students will look up to and get inspired by.

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